Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Exercise of the Week: Dynamic V-Sit

It's time to get those Easter-egg-munching abs back!
In Oz we're coming into the colder winter months, which means our tummies can get a little bit flabby as our abs put on their winter coats. The Dynamic V-Sit will definitely blast those coats off and leave you with a strong, athletic core, and best of all you can do it on any of our Power Plate machines.

Execution: Dynamic
Level: Advanced
Element: Core
Machine Settings: 35Hz, 60 Sec, Amplitude LOW
Muscles Targeted: Abdominals

∙ Sit on the platform and lean back slightly
∙ Raise your legs so that they are parallel with the floor
∙ Bring one knee towards the chest and hold position for 1-2 seconds
∙ Return to start position and then repeat on other side
∙ Continue sequence until the recommended exercise time is reached

Coaching Keys:
∙ Make sure that you keep your back straight
∙ Remember to engage those abdominals

∙ A bit straining on your back? Try performing this V-Sit with your feet on the floor or on a step.

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