Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Week 2 : Ouch. Big ouch.

I ache. Oh boy, do I ache. All of me. My legs and abdominal muscles (who knew I had them?) and shoulders and my arms. My stomach aches from lack of sugar and my head aches for the same reason. Why am I doing this again?

Last week I did two Power Plate sessions and then did some brisk walking on all the other days. I've eaten NO CHOCOLATE (yes, its scary but true) and have been keeping my daily intake at around 1,500 calories. I'm starving... mostly for mountains of white bread with lashings of butter or something as equally un-nutritious.
This week I have done the same - limited calories, only fresh food and loads of vegies, and making an effort to exercise every day. I've been getting off the bus two stops early and walking the rest of the way, which has actually been a great way to get in some exercise while tricking my brain into thinking I'm not doing ANY exercise. That's my brain's favourite type of exercise).
But despite the whinging, I've lost 1kg. That 1kg is the best thing I've ever lost. It may not be a week 1 weight loss like on the Biggest Loser (how can someone lose 15kg+ in one week?) but it's a loss. And I'm thrilled.
Here's an example of what I've eaten daily (I ate this on Monday, actually):

3 x Multigrain Weet Bix with skim milk - 420 calories

Morning Snack
1 x Mandarin - 80 calories

1 x bowl of brown rice, black olives, green peas, low fat fetta, grape tomatoes - 214 calories

Afternoon Snack
1 x apple - 65 calories
5 x dark chocolate coated blueberries - 22 calories
1 x chicken stir fry with capsicum, broccoli, green beans and a little bit of white rice - 235 calories

I also did the following training routine on the Power Plate machine:
- Hamstring stretch (30 sec / 30Hz / low / no reps )
- Hip flexor (30 sec / 30Hz / low / once per side)
- Step ups (60 sec / 35Hz / low / once per side)
- Squat (45 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps)
- Plank (45 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps)
- Bicep curls on Plate with proMOTION cables  (60 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps)
- Side Plank (45 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps per side)
- V-sit (45 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps)
- Tricep dips (45 sec / 35Hz / low / 2 reps)
Massage... lots of massage... ahhhhhh...
Until next time! Elise x

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  1. Dark chocolate coated blueberries .... lots of antioxidants :-) But I am more of the "eat lots of protein to get thin" theory follower. Build more lean muscle to increase metabolic rate and then you don't have to do more exercise to burn more calories because your "furnace" is bigger.. So even on a day where you lie around all day (your brain will like this) you burn more than if you had less muscle. You will know from witnessing Greg. I never saw a Steak Challenge be dismissed as quickly as in Rotorua. AND he had half the food off Chantal's plate as well, I am sure. DON'T eat as much protein as Greg....